Tennis News: Andy Murray admits shoulder problems caused Cincinnati Masters upset, chases Novak Djokovic’s world no. 1 spot

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Tennis News Andy Murray admits shoulder problems Cincinnati Masters 2016 upset
Andy Murray admits should problems was the reason behind Cincinnati Masters 2016 upset against no. 9 seeded Marin Cilic, Croatian pro tennis player.

The Andy Murray upset ended his 22 long game-win streak from Queen’s Club, Wimbledon and Rio Olympics 2016. During the interview, he admitted his shoulder problems caused his tournament loss.

Albeit exhausted after three-time successive wins, Andy Murray still felt great and believed he played the greatest tennis of his career. The 29-year-old British champion won three different tournaments wherein he defeated no. 141 seeded Juan Martin del Potro of Argentina in the recently concluded Rio Olympics.

After a four-hour match, he flew to the US for his Cincinnati Masters tournament in Ohio to defend his title since 2008 and then 2011. However, his shoulder issues contributed to his loss.

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What’s worse, he suffered jet lag during the final match against former US Open champion Marin Cilic, who’s not standing no. 9 in ATP Rankings. Yet, Murray remained grateful to reach final round at that point where he’s tired.

He might not admit that directly on cameras and interviews, but his actions alone defined it. In fact, he said that he didn’t even expect to reach the final round. That clearly means he’s not in the perfect position to fight against someone for his title.

However, Murray didn’t deny the claims of being disappointed from the results, Eurosport reported. But he’s already contented on what he has now. He has gained a lot more wins this year. Hence, he’s looking forward for his rest days and practice for New York soon.

“I had some pretty good wins along the way. Today there were tough, tricky conditions with the wind. I think if I got off to a better start maybe could have done a bit better… But it’s a very, very positive week. I’m looking forward to a few days’ rest now,” he said.

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The Guardian noted that if Andy Murray successfully precedes finals in the US Open, he could finally join Rod Laver, Roger Federer and rival Novak Djokovic as the only group of men to advance final round in every US Open season.

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