Tennis News: Andy Murray plans to hunt down Novak Djokovic as no. 1 in world tennis, targets more Grand Slams

Tennis News Andy Murray plans to hunt down Novak Djokovic
Tennis news unveil Andy Murray’s plans to replace Novak Djokovic as No.1 in ATP Rankings. His plans changed after winning second Wimbledon title & Ivan Lendl’s return.

After winning his second Wimbledon title, Andy Murray plans to take the top spot from Novak Djokovic. He revealed that he will refocus his goals on winning more events than just Grand Slams.

Currently ranked No. 2 in ATP Rankings, the British champion is almost 5,000 points away from the current No. 1 Novak Djokovic. Murray acknowledged the “invincibility” of the Serbian player in the last 18 months. He admitted he was incredible on court and great in every tournament Djokovic is in.

That being said, this hinted a clear motivation for Andy Murray to replace Novak Djokovic in his current standing in world tennis. The realization took place after the former’s winning in Wimbledon 2016.

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He did a little shift from his mission. Before, he wanted to win more Grand Slams in Wimbledon. But the atmosphere changed after the event. Murray clearly stated to the public about his plans on targeting the No. 1 spot in all set of events.

According to The Guardian, his reunion with his coach Ivan Lendl caused the ambition shift. He said that Lendl advised him to win more on events to assure the top spot in ATP Rankings.

Mark Philippoussis supported this assumption. He believed Andy Murray can catch up Novak Djokovic and claim the top spot. He told Telegraph Murray can surely achieve that with Lendl’s help. For him, they both have the dangerous combination in the next Grand Slams.

Although he honestly stated that it might be done in itty-bitty steps, but the goal is guaranteed. He even described Novak Djokovic’s situation like climbing a mountain (Murray and Lendl’s partnership).

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The Serbian champion has been on the top spot for long time. So defeating him requires a lot of work for Andy Murray, Philippoussis noted. But it’s never impossible for the British Grand Slam champion to hunt down Novak Djokovic.

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