Tennis News: Andy Roddick jealous of Roger Federer; Swiss No. 3 has no match with Novak Djokovic

Tennis news on Andy Roddick jealous of Roger Federer
Tennis news update unveiled former pro tennis player Andy Roddick jealous of Roger Federer. He said Roger Federer is no match for Novak Djokovic.

Latest tennis news reports Andy Roddick jealous of Roger Federer. Various sources mentioned that the world No. 3-ranked Swiss possesses certain traits which Roddick admires.

The former professional tennis player said that he is jealous of Federer in terms of his laid back personality especially minutes before a match. Federer is more relaxed and composed every time.

“Physicality aside, I’ll tell anybody the part where I was the most jealous of Roger was how laid back he’d be before matches. I was a mess. I was nervous. I was tense. I was tough to be around and moody, and that takes a toll on you as well as the physical stuff,” Roddick said.

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He also revealed that he can’t keep his emotions in check before the tennis event, News reported. Roddick shared that he has problems with handling nervousness on or before a major event. That being said, he even liked Roger Federer’s cool mood regardless of the situation.

The Swiss legend is able to maintain his carefree but focused stance in front of everyone despite how tough the opponent is. Andy Roddick acknowledged this trait as Federer’s ingredient for his longevity in the sport.

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At the end of his statement, he also made clear that Novak Djokovic is considered the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) based from statistics. For him, Roger Federer is no match for Djokovic. Though he posesses 17 recorded Grand Slams, the Serbian champion is younger than him and has more chances to earn more winnings later on.

In summary, Andy Roddick is pleased to know Roger Federer as a cool, natural type of pro tennis player but focused to stay on his reign in his third spot in the world ATP rankings. Although the former Grand Slam champion retired in 2012, his love and passion for the sport lives forever.

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