Tennis News: Davis Cup, Fed Cup to turn into Super Bowl championship format

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Tennis officials are considering of turning the Davis Cup and Fed Cup into “Super Bowl-style” ending wherein the finalists meet at a predetermined and neutral location in the coming years.

The proposal would be for a fixed venue ahead of time with the main purpose of getting more revenue from the championship matches and also to create more hype for the event months before it happens.

Tennis officials also said that they are considering of changing the game and tournament formats of the Davis Cup and Fed Cup events. The best-of-three or best-of-five sets options will be discussed with officials and consulted with the players and national organizations.

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In the National Football League (NFL), an American football league in the United States, the Super Bowl is predetermined three to four years ahead the championship game. Teams battle in the NFL playoffs in their home fields but battles for the championship in a neutral site, if the home team does not make the championship round.

“This can then be used to grow our mission, which is to distribute funds to grassroots tennis, especially to nations who need money for development,” International Tennis Federation President David Haggerty stated via Reuters.

“Because right now the hosting country is the one that gets all the glory, and the money. This would enable us to distribute it in a far better way to achieve our mission.”

Haggerty added that the main point of the change is to gain more interest from fans around the world.

“Our mission is to make tennis broad and wide. We have 700,000 spectators that come to Davis and Fed Cup each year… about 3.6 billion people view it on TV, but it’s got to be more than that,” Haggerty added.

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“It’s got to be bigger than that, and with a neutral final venue we can work with our broadcast partners and make it a much bigger show than just two nations that know they’re playing each other. We can make this into a much more massive win for tennis.”

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