Tennis News: Eugenie Bouchard true to her word, dates random fan after losing Super Bowl bet

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Eugenie Bouchard dates a random fan after losing SuperBowl bet
PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/@geniebouchard | Eugenie Bouchard dates a random fan after losing SuperBowl bet

Eugenie Bouchard made a Super Bowl bet with a Twitter follower that the Atlanta Falcons would beat the New England Patriots in the NFL championship game earlier this month. The Falcons collapsed in the second half to suffer the Super Bowl loss and the women’s tennis star is making sure she pay up to the fan by dating him.

Lucky fan gets to date tennis star

The lucky fan named John Goehrke has to thank Tom Brady’s clutch performance in Super Bowl LI as his dream of dating a tennis superstar happened on Wednesday. Goehrke and Bouchard went to the Brooklyn Nets vs. Milwaukee Bucks NBA game for their date, which the tennis star updated on Twitter.

“I want to honor my word and stay true to it, so I’m going on that date and that’s actually tonight,” Bouchard stated to Sports Illustrated. The pair met for the game at the Barclays Center in New York.

“We’re going to go to the Brooklyn Nets game. He’s flying in this afternoon, so I look forward to meeting him tonight and I hope he enjoys it. And I hope it’s not too awkward.”

Bouchard and Goehrke’s Super Bowl bet happened when the Falcons led 21-3 in the NFL championship game. The women’s tennis star predicted that the Falcons would get the title but Goehrke challenged the tennis star with “If Patriots win, we go on a date,” reply on Twitter. Bouchard was confident of Matt Ryan and the Falcons so she answered with a yes to the fan’s bet.

Bouchard promised to pay up on lost Super Bowl bet

Meanwhile, Goehrke was not sure if Bouchard would actually respond to his challenge. Luckily, Bouchard was not a believer of Tom Brady, who led the Patriots to a 25-point comeback in Super Bowl LI.

“I thought maybe there was a chance she would respond, but I thought there was no chance she’d actually agree to it,” Goehrke stated to the Kansas City Star. “Once the game ended, that’s when everything started blowing up. I started getting texts from my friends that knew. My Twitter started blowing up. It was the first time I had to start turning my notifications off.”

Bouchard from Canada is one of the most popular women’s tennis players in the world. She has not won a Grand Slam in her tennis career but came close in 2014. He reached the semifinals of the Australian Open and French Open that year and also made the final of the Wimbledon Championships.

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Photo Courtesy: Twitter/@geniebouchard

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