Tennis News: John McEnroe says he can help Milos Raonic win Wimbledon

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World No. 9 Milos Raonic suffered an upset loss against unseeded Alberto Ramos-Vinolas in the fourth round of the French Open. Raonic went down in straight sets in front of new consultant coach John McEnroe, who thinks he can help the Canadian win Wimbledon.

“When it comes to Wimbledon I’ll be taking on and I’m gonna help coach this guy named Milos. He can win majors. He is one of five or six guys that can win Wimbledon. I’m excited to be part of his team,” McEnroe said via CBC Sports.

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According to the New York Times, Raonic hired McEnroe as a consultant coach to work alongside Ricardo Piatti and Carlos Moya. It is a surprising move by the 25-year-old player, who is known to love being the boss.

The 57-year-old tennis legend is known for his temper and celebrity status as he still gets followed by the media. He has experience coaching players since he’s the director of his academy on Randalls Islands.

McEnroe also served as a coach for Boris Becker in 1993 and as United States captain for the 2000 Davis Cup season. Nonetheless, Raonic says that he only sees McEnroe as a coach and he still knows what’s best for him.

“At the end of the day, every coach I have is to some extent an adviser. And it’s my job personally, out of everything I hear, to weigh what it’s worth and weigh what is best for me. I’m the C.E.O. of Milos Raonic Tennis. That’s it,” Raonic said.

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The Times also noted that Raonic and McEnroe have mutual friends through the family of Rolling Stone founder, Jann Wenner. McEnroe is hoping that he is the missing piece for Raonic and his ambitions for a Grand Slam title.

“Hopefully, I can add that little bit and give him a little bit better understanding of how to take advantage of his attributes, his size. He’s a big strong, great, dedicated and smart kid,” McEnroe said.

Photo Courtesy: Nikola Miljkovic/

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