Tennis News: Novak Djokovic cannot stop history as his time at the top is clearly over

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Novak Djokovic (Photo Courtesy: Beth Wilson/Flickr)

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic is at a career crossroads despite winning seven titles in total for the 2016 season including the Australian and French Open titles. Tennis history suggests that Djokovic’s time at the top is likely over and he cannot break the records set by his Roger Federer.

In a recent interview in his native of Serbia, the 29-year-old revealed that being the best and chasing titles are no longer his priorities. He also has some personal issues with his coach, Boris Becker, as well as injuries to deal with.

“I psychologically felt huge pressure, and now I’m no longer thinking about the number of titles. If they come, super, I will accept them. After all, tennis is not the only thing in the world,” Djokovic said after a training session via

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According to Steve Tignor of, history suggests that Novak Djokovic is set for a decline now that he is already 29 years old. He noted that Roger Federer has only won one major title when he turned 29 years old while Rafael Nadal has not won any.

“The history of top tennis players tells us that just when we think one of them might go on dominating the game forever, we need to think again. Maybe this time, Djokovic was one step ahead of us,” Tignor reported.

Novak Djokovic is set to take the rest of the year off to let his injuries heal and get his thoughts together. He recently visited Kopaonik, Serbia, wherein he honed his skills as a young player but it has been reduced to ruins after being damaged by the 1999 NATO bombings.

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In Djokovic’s absence, World No. 2 Andy Murray is set to get the top spot from him late this year or early next year. Nevertheless, we will find out if the Serbian star is going to have a new motivation to stay at the top or history and age claims another victim.

Photo Courtesy: Beth Wilson/Flickr

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