Novak Djokovic ended Rafael Nadal vs. Roger Federer rivalry, according to Feliciano Lopez

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Novak Djokovic (Photo courtesy: globalite/Wikimedia Commons)

Novak Djokovic’s rise to the top of the tennis world had ended the exciting Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer rivalry, according to Spanish pro Feliciano Lopez. The 35-year-old Lopez stated that the rivalry ended about four years ago when Djokovic took over as the World No. 1 and when Andy Murray also started his rise in the sport.

“The rivalry between Federer and Nadal ended three or four years ago when Djokovic started to dominate. Matches have been played almost always between Djokovic and Murray,” Lopez stated via El Espanol.

“Tennis has its different moments and eras, but I believe Roger and Rafa can be competitive. Djokovic and Murray will keep going but it will be interesting to see what Federer and Nadal will do and if they will recover.”

Rafael Nadal vs. Roger Federer rivalry over, Novak Djokovic to blame

Both Federer and Nadal have lost their top form in recent years because of various reasons like injuries. Other causes for the lost rivalry is the rise of not only Djokovic and Murray but also other top contenders like Stan Wawrinka, Kei Nishikori and others.

While Lopez believes that the Nadal vs. Roger Federer rivalry is over, the Spaniard believes that the Swiss Maestro Federer is still a special player. Lopez says he will still go down as among the sport’s greatest.

“Although there will be another one who will win more, Federer marked an era with his game-style, regardless of the titles won. There won’t be anyone able to play tennis like Federer does,” Lopez added.

Roger Federer is on his way back to recovery and will be battling in the ATP tour again at the start of the 2017 season. Rafael Nadal is also recovering from his injuries and is expected to be 100% healthy next year.

Photo courtesy: globalite/Wikimedia Commons

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