Tennis News: Novak Djokovic pulls out from US Open 2016 due to left wrist injury? Top seed reveals ‘private issues?’

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Tennis News Novak Djokovic pulls out US Open 2016
Top seeded Novak Djokovic pulls out from US Open 2016 due to left wrist injury? Serbian champion admits pain from left hand & private issues affecting game.

Top-ranked Novak Djokovic, 29, reportedly suffered from his left wrist injury until now. Hence, the ATP top-seeded Serbian champion could be unready for the nearing US Open 2016. Regardless of the challenges, he’s up for the next tournament amid injury.

On Friday, Novak Djokovic admitted during the press conference his struggles as a tennis player. He said there were two big concerns that affected his on-court performances from the past few months, which led him suffering from successive early exits in Wimbledon and Rio Olympics 2016.

He explained that he’s also a human being with problems, both in his sport and his personal life. Djokovic didn’t specify the private life issues, but it hinted towards his relationship with his wife, Jelena. During the press con, he stated that during the Wimbledon, he promised his wife to spend more time with family.

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But at that time, he has already planned a series of tournaments organized and his presence was a big deal. His inability to balance his career and family life made him unfocused and under-performed from the previous matches, Telegraph noted.

Without knowing the real cause of Djokovic’s succeeding defeats, the audience witnessed a dispatched Serbian champion of underdogs within early rounds. American no. 42 seeded Sam Querrey and Argentinian no. 141 seeded Juan Martin del Potro defeated Djokovic in Wimbledon and Rio Olympics 2016 respectively.

In addition to his struggles, his left wrist furthered his burden. Initially, it was not the problem at all. He could still continue playing Wimbledon matches while handling the pain of his left hand. However, during the Rio Olympics 2016, the injury worsened that made him decide to pull out from Cincinnati Masters by force.

Djokovic also cited that everything’s resolved and he’s now on track. He’s ensuring his medical team to aid his left wrist injury to make him a hundred percent ready for next week. Aside from that, he also mentioned about learning valuable lessons from the hardships he encountered this year, according to Mirror.

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“Everything is fine. Again, I am in a position, like everybody else, like of all you, we all have private issues and things that are more challenges than issues, more things that we have to encounter and overcome in order to evolve as a human being,” he said.

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