Tennis News: Novak Djokovic remains in top spot Andy Murray overtakes in Cincinnati Masters & US Open?

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Tennis News Novak Djokovic remains on top spot as Andy Murray overtakes
As Andy Murray’s aggressive approach continues to raise towards ATP’s world no. 1, Novak Djokovic remains on top spot amid rival’s successive wins.

Novak Djokovic certainly remains no. 1 in ATP rankings albeit Andy Murray’s successive wins at Wimbledon until the recent Rio Olympics 2016. That means, if the Serbian champion won’t play this year, Murray still remains as world no. 2.

The 29-year-old Serbian, Novak Djokovic, looked invincible from the previous tournaments. In fact, he was able to earn four major titles until Roland Garros tournament. However, the American no. 42 seeded, Sam Querrey, dispatched the world no. 1 Serbian champion within the third round.

His unexpected defeat was considered an advantage for world no. 2 Andy Murray. He executed more forceful plays towards the end of the Wimbledon to claiming his second trophy.

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Bleacher Report noted that the British tennis champion played with great passion and aggressive approach. That started when he reunited with his former coach Ivan Lendl. Their partnership is presently considered the most dangerous tennis duo.

Regardless of Murray’s obvious motive, Djokovic remained relaxed. In fact, after his Wimbledon upset, he remained optimistic while aiming for an Olympic gold in Rio Olympics 2016.

Unexpectedly, the no. 141 seeded Argentinian Juan Martin del Potro successfully dispatched Djokovic within the first round. From there, the Serbian champion’s disappointment was undeniable that literally made him cry.

These continuous Djokovic upsets clearly hinted the possibility of Murray’s big opportunity to overtake and replace the Serbian champion in ATP’s top spot. But the same source contradicted this thought.

They explained that Murray couldn’t possibly take over Djokovic’s no. 1 ranking as he still needs around 2,000 points to earn ATP’s top spot. Two months ago, he had over the 8,000-point gap from the Serbian’s total number of points earned.

Even if he continuously win both the Cincinnati Western and Southern Open and the US Open, he still couldn’t take the no. 1 spot. He needed more points before he could successfully take Novak Djokovic’s place. Yet, he’s getting closer to the baseline.

Great Britain Davis Cup captain Leon Smith supported this claim. He explained about Andy Murray’s recent approach towards claiming the world title. “I think he’s playing his best tennis of his life. He’s continued to improve so many areas of the game,” he told Eurosport.

He added Murray’s impressive on-court performance that made the world no. 2 stunned everyone in the crowd. Clearly, Murray’s confidence on the court was explicitly showed that brought to every attack he gave.

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Nevertheless, Djokovic only needed complete rest due to the wrist injury. Perhaps, this was the main reason why performed poorly on a court. Once recovered, he could show off his invincibility on the court once again.

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