Tennis News: Novak Djokovic remains top seeded in ATP Rankings as Stan Wawrinka replaces Roger Federer on 3rd spot

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Tennis News Novak Djokovic remains top seeded in ATP Rankings 2016
With latest ATP Rankings released, Novak Djokovic remains top seeded followed by Andy Murray. Yet, Roger Federer fell one notch & replaced by Stan Wawrinka.

Novak Djokovic remained on the top spot in the latest ATP Rankings released on Monday. Andy Murray still lags behind the Serbian champion. However, Stan Wawrinka replaced the five-time champion Roger Federer on the third spot.

Latest ATP Ranking list was recently released this week noting Novak Djokovic’s unchanged spot followed by the no. 2 seeded Andy Murray. The former retained his rank after earning 51-5 record this year which he earned from the 11th and 12th Grand Slam singles titles both at the Australian Open and French Open respectively.

But this was not the same case for the Swiss legend Roger Federer and Spanish Rafael Nadal who both fell one notch from their previous ranks. The younger Swiss champion Stan Wawrinka replaced Federer on the third place which then affected Nadal who fell on the fifth spot.

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What was worse, Wall Street Journal noted that Roger Federer won’t be making any wins this year as he confirmed his absence from the rest of the tournaments scheduled this year to recover from his knee injury acquired early this year.

Djokovic also announced the same decision through pulling out from Cincinnati Masters this month. It appeared he already knew his rival Andy Murray wouldn’t overtake his current position amid his absence.

In our previous report, we wrote that though Djokovic didn’t take part to any tournaments after his unforgettable Rio Olympics 2016 loss, Andy Murray won’t exceed the Serbian champion’s points earned as top seed. Yet, the points were getting slimmer.

Prior to the Cincinnati Masters as well the Wimbledon and Rio Olympics matches, the British man remained 8,000 points away from Djokovic. With Murray’s successive wins from three different matches, he was able to slim down the point gap to around two thousand points.

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To earn the no. 1 spot, he still needed to win more tournaments to gather the remaining number of points targeted. Nevertheless, Andy Murray is predicted his current position as no. 2 seeded behind Novak Djokovic. It would be the same as soon as Novak Djokovic returns on court.

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