Tennis News: Novak Djokovic’s must watch hilarious moments on court; ‘Djoker’ proves unbeatable humility and humor

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Tennis News Novak Djokovic's must watch hilarious moments videos
Watch Novak Djokovic’s must watch hilarious moments on court. He surely proves his immeasurable humility & humor throughout his tennis career.

Novak Djokovic proves he’s isn’t just great on the court, but being an entertainer as well. The 29-year-old Serbian champion understands he doesn’t need to show off his invincibility all the time. He can also be comical in front of everybody anytime he wants to.

Recently, a video taken during the French Open 2014 showed the players taking breaks due to unexpected rainfall. This remained a hit since two years as it clearly featured Djokovic’s impressive character.

At the time, Novak Djokovic was fighting against Joao Sousa. The video absolutely enthralled the crowd as he offered a seat for the ball boy, who was holding an umbrella the whole time.

Novak Djokovic aka “Djoker” didn’t just stop there. He also offered a bottle of water while taking over the ball boy’s umbrella duties. For a young kid who’s seated beside the world no. 1 was certainly on cloud nine and completely surprised to what the Serbian champion just did. See video here.

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Another young fellow also had an unforgettable experience with the “Djoker.” A video clip featured Novak Djokovic asks the young boy to help him cheer the crowd after he won. They moved around in bowing motions in every direction to hear a loud cheer.

If people think Novak Djokovic doesn’t know how to dance, think again. Tennis Now compiled a few of hundreds of hilarious moments of the world no. 1-ranked did so far. One of them included his own version of PSY’s “Gangnam Syle” with Serena Williams during Australian Open.

Among all the hilarious videos, there is one particular scene that made people laugh. It appeared that Novak Djokovic loves to imitate his fellow tennis players. Most of the time, he imitated Rafael Nadal and Maria Sharapova’s iconic gestures and mannerisms on the court.

The same compilation also showed Novak Djokovic playing with Sharapova wherein she ached and accidentally hit his private part. That event happened several times. In fact, there was one video wherein he said, “Not again.”

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These are hundreds of remarkable and funny moments Novak Djokovic showed so far which became an instant hit worldwide. And some of them remained remarkable as valuable events every Djoker fan will never forget.

Undoubtedly, his immeasurable humility impressed the world and not just being world no. 1 in ATP rankings. In addition to that, his character and his sportsmanship prevailed and remained unbeatable all the time.

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