Tennis News: Rafael Nadal on Maria Sharapova, ‘pay the consequences’ for illegal drug use

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Rafael Nadal bows out in semis of 2016 Argentina Open (Photo courtesy: Brett Marlow/Wikimedia Commons)

Rafael Nadal, who has been linked to performance enhancing drugs in recent news, says that Maria Sharapova, if she is indeed guilty of illegal drug use, should “pay the consequences” for her actions.

Nadal also said that he has nothing personal against Sharapova but said those who are found guilty of illegal drug us should be punished.

“I haven’t said anything against her. I said probably it was a mistake, but when somebody makes a mistake, they have to pay the consequences, no?,” Nadal said in a press conference at Indian Wells.

“I don’t want negative things for anybody, who is not trying to do things in a bad way. I don’t want negative things for people who are trying to do things the right way. But the people who are trying to lie, the rest of the players trying to bring down the sport’s values, for sure they don’t deserve to be competing.”

While not directly speaking about Sharapova, Nadal is convinced that erring tennis players should not be in the sport and should face the penalty of their actions.

“They obviously don’t show respect for the sport. I’m 100% against these people who don’t love the sport, because it is — as I said the first day here, the sport must be clean, but at the same time it must look clean because we are in front of kids. We are in front of the TV. We should be an example of values and of doing things the right way, in the spirit of, you know, working harder,” Nadal added.

Nadal admitted that he does not know the exact details of the doping case against Sharapova and did not want to comment further about the illegal drug use issue.

Recently, Nadal was dragged in the PED controversy with speculations that the former World No. 1 was suspended by the ATP Tour because of illegal drugs use and not of injuries.

Roselyne Bachelot, a France’s ex-sports minister, alleged that Nadal used drugs in the past. Nadal has since threatened to sue the French official.

“I’m going to sue her, and I’m going to sue everyone who [is] going to comment [on] something similar in the future, because I am tired of that,” said Nadal. ‘There is a couple of times I heard comments like this … this is going to be the last one, because I’m going to sue her,” Nadal declared after the allegations.

Photo courtesy: Brett Marlow/Wikimedia Commons

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