Tennis News: Rafael Nadal unhappy with proposed rule change to shorten matches

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Rafael Nadal (Photo Courtesy: Beth Wilson/Flickr)

Several tennis governing bodies want to shorten matches in the future to make television-friendly. However, current No. 4 in the world Rafael Nadal is unhappy with the proposed rule change and he made it known during a media appearance in Beijing, China.

“If you want to change the values of the sport, maybe yes. But the tennis has values that we need to follow, in my opinion. It’s clear that all the sports needs an improvements. All the sports needs to improve and adapt to the new things,” Nadal said, per Tennis Now.

“I am not sure if that’s the way, to make the matches quicker, make the timing between points quick, with matches at four games. I think there is a point with other solutions to make the people involved,” he added.

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According to Sports360, Steve Simon wants to shorten matches, as well as the season. Some of the ideas of the WTA CEO are no-ad scoring and match tiebreakers in singles play. He added that Simon thinks long matches are one of the reasons why the sport does not appeal to many people.

It should be noted that Simon wants to make progress with his proposal but he does not see the changes being applied until the 2020 season. The changes will likely happen first in small tournaments before reaching the major ones.

Besides Rafael Nadal, there are many players who are opposed to shortening matches in tennis. However, world No. 2 Andy Murray is a fan of shortening matches, especially for the ATP tour.

“The slams, I like the five-set format, but potentially shortening the sets to first of four or first of five games, I’m open to trying it if that’s what the slams want and that’s what the fans want to see,” Murray said, via Tennis World USA.

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Both Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray are in Beijing for the 2016 China Open. Both stars advanced to the second round with Nadal defeating Paolo Lorenzi while Murray dispatched Andreas Seppi.

Photo Courtesy: Beth Wilson/Flickr

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