Tennis News: Rafael Nadal wants ‘justice’ for false accusations, denies doping allegations

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Rafael Nadal (Photo courtesy: Christopher Johnson/Wikimedia Commons)

Rafael Nadal has denied the recent allegations that he has used illegal performance enhancing drugs in the past and that he was suspended by the ATP, the governing body for men’s tennis, in recent years but used injuries as reasons or excuses for missing time on the tour.

“I never did and I will never do and I don’t want to talk about that again,” Nadal, who was frustrated with the drug use talk, said to Agence France-Presse on Saturday. “I have been working so hard during the whole of my career to have the success that I have and now is the moment to do justice. I am tired of that and I want justice.”

Nadal, a former top player in men’s singles competition, was referring to the accusations by Roselyne Bachelot, who claimed that Nadal missed time on the hard courts some years back because the Spanish pro faked an injury to hid a positive drug test.

Recently, WTA Tour’s top player Maria Sharapova admitted to using illegal drugs in her career and she is expected to face a lengthy ban of two to four years from playing in the women’s tour.

Rafael Nadal’s uncle and coach, Toni also called Bachelot “ an imbecile” in interviews.

“Believe me our sport is clean. If everybody is doing something wrong then the people go to the justice and go on trial and then the judge decides,” Toni Nadal added in the AFP report. “Our sports is not a sport that covers up for people doing negative things. I am tired of all of this.”

Nadal has struggled in recent years to stay in top form due to various injuries and due to lack of confidence, as the Spaniard admitted in many interviews.

Photo courtesy: Christopher Johnson/Wikimedia Commons

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