Tennis News: Roger Federer body breaking down

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Roger Federer of Switzerland is the best tennis player to play the sport but has struggled with injuries at age 35. The Swiss pro is out for the 2016 ATP season and he wants to be 100 percent healthy for the future.

Federer stated in a recent interview that his body “needs a break” and that he wants to “still walk” normally when he retires from the sport. There are rumors that Federer will never be 100 percent healthy again but it shows that the Swiss just wants some rest.

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“I have played from January to November since 1998. My body needs a break. I want to be able to walk normally when I retire,” Federer stated to the Wall Street Journal in a recent interview.

Federer has 17 tennis Grand Slam titles in his resume but he wants to add more so he can walk away from the sport as the undoubted best player in history. Rival Novak Djokovic is his best competitor for the title with the Serbian having 12 titles so far.

Federer resting this 2016 season means he will only target the Grand Slam tournaments and be selective in the tournaments he’s joining as he’s advanced in age compared to his peers.

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Roger Federer will miss the 2016 US Open due to injuries but the Swiss noted that he has already started training for next year. It’s showing that Federer has still the motivation to play tennis and just wants to be wise about his body and injuries to play more years in the tour.

Photo Courtesy: flickrworker/Wikipedia

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