Tennis News: Roger Federer claims title back from Stan Wawrinka in Australia Open & Hopman Cup in 2017?

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Tennis news Roger Federer claims title back from Stan Wawrinka
Roger Federer claims title back from Stan Wawrinka after his comeback in 2017? Latest reports hint aggressive return for Australian Open & Hopman Cup.

Roger Federer, 34, slipped one notch below his former rank as world no. 3 in the latest ATP Rankings released on Monday. Fellow Swiss champion, Stan Wawrinka, 31, took his place on the third spot.

It was disheartening to hear the Swiss legend’s current position in his professional tennis career. It appeared that as he grew older, his rank declined. In fact, many tennis fans thought that he might be retiring soon.

In addition to that, the said claim was supported with Federer’s worst season this year and his unpredicted decision to miss Rio Olympics 2016 due to his knee injury recovery after he accidentally damaged his left knee while playing with his twins earlier this year.

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Regardless of the people’s opinions about his fate in his sport, Roger Federer remained optimistic about his current condition. Surprisingly, he revealed to the public about his plans of joining two big tennis matches next year. This means that he’s still capable playing and his retirement is yet far from over.

He told the press lately about participating two successive tournaments slated in 2017. The 34-year-old Swiss legend affirmed joining Hopman Cup and Australian Open starting from January 2017. The Guardian reported that the Swiss champion resumed his training to regain his body strength especially his knees.

“I don’t see it as the end of something. I see it as a beginning to something I’m working for, and when I come back to the Hopman Cup and then to the Australian Open … that’s what I’m working for now,” he stated.

Moreover, he returned to his usual training routine to keep his body in shape. He also cited that he’s expecting to be stronger after a couple of months before his comeback on court next year towards the end of the news conference.

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BBC added that he’ll be playing with his Spanish rival Rafael Nadal for Laver Cup in Prague which is already scheduled for September 2017. The said event previously starred former greats Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe, which Federer impersonated for Mecedes Benz’s new commercial.

Will he be able to gain more succeeding wins and get his title back from fellow Swiss Stan Wawrinka? Or another injury will take place instead?

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