Tennis News: Roger Federer says Novak Djokovic remains as top favorite than Andy Murray in US Open 2016

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Tennis News Roger Federer says Novak Djokovic favorite than Andy Murray US Open 2016
Roger Federer says that Novak Djokovic will remain as top favorite than Andy Murray in US Open 2016 next week based from their tennis highlights.

Despite Andy Murray’s successive wins from the Queen’s Club, Wimbledon and Rio Olympics 2016, Roger Federer remains unconvinced of the British pro’s accomplishments this summer. Instead, he hails Novak Djokovic as the top favorite to win the US Open 2016 next week.

While Roger Federer, 34, is resting most of the season due to his knee injury, he acted as a keen observer and analyst on Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic’s nearing battle. The Swiss Maestro even stated his predictions on the US Open next week.

Comparing the two great tennis players, who are on the top spots in ATP Rankings, Federer predicted that the Serbian champion will perform remarkably next week. Given the rest days and practices after successive upsets, he foresees Djokovic’s aggressive return.

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Federer based his assumption on the highlights Djokovic and Murray made in the past few months, according to Daily Mail UK’s notes. The 29-year-old British champion won in the Italian Open, Queen’s Club, Wimbledon and Rio Olympics.

Meanwhile, the Serbian champion got titles from Qatar Open, Australian Open, Indian Wells, Miami Open, Madrid Open, French Open and Canadian Open. From these matches, Federer used the results to weigh in on their anticipated game.

The only bad side for Djokovic involves his successive losses starting from Wimbledon and wherein he was defeated by two underdogs within two months. Sam Querrey, an American ranked at no. 42, and Juan Martin del Potro, an Argentine ranked at no. 141 defeated the Serbian champion in Wimbledon and Rio Olympics 2016, respectively.

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Nevertheless, Federer remains a believer of Djokovic. The Swiss also admitted that he’s impressed with Andy Murray’s performances in the summer and remains hopeful that the British champion will be consistent until the end of this season.

“But I have been impressed by Andy, what he has done this summer has been incredible. I hope he can keep that going. I think it will be a very exciting US Open and probably a great race between them until the end of the season,” Federer said.

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