Tennis News: Serena Williams goes down to no. 2 as Angelique Kerber strikes to end Williams’ reign with one win?

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Tennis News Serena Williams goes down to no. 2 against Angelique Kerber WTA Rankings
Serena Williams goes down to no. 2 is possible if Kerber wins one more tournament with only around 200 points gap based from latest WTA Rankings.

Serena Williams, 34, remained on top of her game after successfully holding her no. 1 spot in the latest WTA Rankings released. However, the biggest concern for the American is Germany’s Angelique Kerber and her possibility of taking over Williams’ spot with one more tournament win.

With only around 200 points away from the top spot, Angelique Kerber, 28, potentially could replace America’s Serena Williams with another tournament win. Latest WTA Rankings detailed both of their recorded ranking points with 7,050 and 6,860 points respectively.

It’s possible to witness such an event wherein the 34-year-old American champion could go down to no. 2 and have the 28-year-old German champion enjoy the top spot for good.

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Although she earlier denied the claims about being pressured during interviews, her situation is clear. She could fell one notch below from her current position if she does not win more tournaments and extend the gap against Kerber.

What’s worse is that Williams reportedly suffering from injuries and bruises after her successive wins to equal Stefi Graf’s Open-era record. Consequently, she struggled with time and injuries which could affect her scores earned from her previous wins, according to Tennis.

The same source stated if Williams chooses to rest from the rest of the season, it would be a great advantage for Kerber to win and earn more ranking points. Possibly, it could be easier for the German champion to take over William’s rank.

Amid speculations of her possible downfall, Serena Williams remained optimistic while enjoying winning her sport. From her losses and upsets, she treasured the experiences both good and bad.

“The one thing I learned about last year [winning US Open Grand Slam] is to enjoy the moment. I’m definitely going to enjoy this,” she said. Concerning her recent Rio upset defeat, she only emphasized about her participation in Rio Olympics 2016.

One of her goals while taking part from the Olympics was merely to represent her country. For her, the experience of being there was already good enough without caring much about winning medals and losing against underdogs. Certainly, she did think about winning like the other Olympians, but losing didn’t feel that bad, according to the American.

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Williams has to take part and gain more wins from the rest of the tournaments slated this year like the upcoming US Open next week as well as Australian Open in 2017. In that way, she’ll remain in her spot without the threat of losing her rank against Kerber.

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