Tennis News: Unmotivated Novak Djokovic a welcome sight for Andy Murray

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Photo Courtesy: Lee Anderson/Flickr

Andy Murray is aiming to become the top player in tennis but he needs to beat Novak Djokovic to have a shot of being World No. 1. He can also get it if the Serbian continues to struggle in the ATP Tour.

Murray stated in a recent interview that he understands why Djokovic appears unmotivated in recent tournaments, and which has allowed the British pro to close the gap on the Serbian in the ATP rankings.

“A lot of players have gone through that. It can happen at different stages. When you achieve something that you’ve wanted to achieve for such a long time and put so much effort and thought into that, and come close a number of times and not quite done it, I think when you finally do it, you feel incredible for a number of days afterwards,” Murray stated via Tennis World USA.

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“But there can be a low after that. It would be completely understandable to have those feelings. I’m sure a lot of players have experienced that at different stages after big wins in their career. I think it’s quite normal.”

As of the ATP rankings this week, Murray has 8,185 points to Djokovic’s 10,240 points after both played 13 tournaments this year.

Murray won in the semifinals of the 2016 China Open Saturday against quality player David Ferrer, 6-2 and 6-3.

Andy Murray advances to the final against Grigor Dimitrov and if the British player wins he’ll get more points to close the gap on Novak Djokovic in the ATP rankings.

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Photo Courtesy: Lee Anderson/Flickr

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