Tennis News: Watch Roger Federer’s hilarious new Mercedes Benz 2017 SL commercial & his hot body & dashing good looks

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Tennis news watch Roger Federer's hilarious Mercedes Benz 2017 SL commercial
Watch Roger Federer’s hilarious new Mercedes Benz 2017 SL car model. World no. 3 shows off his dashing good looks & steamy body in cameos.

While the Swiss legend Roger Federer excused himself from the rest of the tournament this year, his new Mercedes Benz commercial still gets attention as it sums up the fiery and fierce champion everyone watches out for.

The world no. 3 remains certainly banging every girl’s eyes with his steamy body and classic good looks showed in his new commercial for Mercedes-Benz. Albeit the two-minute ad contained Roger Federer’s tennis career, but his impersonation on two great tennis players John McEnroe and Andre Agassi were hilarious.

In fact, Rolling Stone implicitly described him as “Benjamin Button of Tennis” based on the sequence of the scenes. The video started around the 1920s wherein Roger Federer started to dominate the tennis court. He was then called as “The Fed.”

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Since the Golden Age, several testimonies were documented proving his greatness and impressive plays that lasted for centuries. His noticeable finesse while driving a 1950s Mercedes Benz convertible car was the most acknowledged in the commercial.

Set in the 1970s, Roger Federer appeared to have a long hair, which everyone wouldn’t see in his tournaments. The worst thing he did was showing off his uncontrollable tantrums after he complained to the referee. He even smashed everything using his racket while swearing loudly.

What makes the clip funny was when the Swiss tennis champion kept on showing his dashing good looks and steamy body on cameos. In one scene, he modeled private planes, colognes and some magazines. He was considered “The Rockstar of the Tennis World.”

Although it was presented like Roger Federer’s mini-documentary of his tennis career, the video’s comical nature remained existent. Bill Macatee hosted the entire Mercedes Benz’s “Legends of the Game” commercial which made the ad very convincing and funny.

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Generally, the main point of the commercial was not just about the new Mercedes-Benz 2017 SL model alone. But it was about Roger Federer’s timeless influence in the sport. From the time he started as a professional tennis player in late 1990s up to this date, he’ll remain a legend who will always be remembered by all.

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