US Open 2016: Nick Kyrgios retires at 21; Australian reveals marijuana smoking allowed on tour

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US Open 2016 Nick Kyrgios retires at 21
Australian no. 14 seed Nick Kyrgios retires at 21 given that his condition is met. If he’ll win in US Open 2016, he’ll finally walk away & play basketball.

Nick Kyrgios recently revealed the use of marijuana among tennis players while they’re on tours, which became the most talked online. Although his statements were controversial, there were no sanctions made against the Australian player.

Recently, the no. 14 seed Australian revealed on social media about the use of marijuana among tennis players during their tours. A Twitter follower randomly asked him about it. “Are you allowed to smoke weed on tour,” the follower wrote. Without hesitation, Kyrgios said, “Yep.”

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) spokesperson clarified the Australian champion’s statements. According to their laws, tennis players are actually allowed to smoke marijuana as long as they’re not in competition. Smoking weed during their tours is certainly not allowed, The Guardian noted.

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Aside from his controversial revelation, he also confirmed that he’ll walk away from tennis if he’ll win a US Open match on Sunday. “If I win the US Open now u[sic] would never see me again,” he told Sydney Morning Herald. His condition set for his sport sounds odd but he made it clear that he doesn’t love playing tennis.

He also added he loves to play basketball and video games than tennis. He added that he’s playing the sport for the sake of fulfilling an obligation.

The Guardian also highlighted Kyrgios’ second reason behind his decision of retiring in professional tennis. It was when he received a code violation after almost hitting a linesman within the first game in US Open.

It was unintentional as he was notable for his aggressive serves and attacks in every game. Yet, he didn’t expect to receive the violation after the incident. Right after the decision was made, he directly uttered that he has had enough.

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Perhaps, at the end of the US Open 2016 this month, the 21-year-old Australian Nick Kyrgios finally retires from the sport. Will everyone see him as a successful professional basketball player instead?

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