US Open 2016 Predictions: Serena Williams vs Angelique Kerber upset expected; Winner automatically becomes WTA no. 1

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US Open 2016 Serena Williams vs Angelique Kerber upset
Latest US Open 2016 predictions reveal Serena Williams vs Angelique Kerber upset in the final round wherein the new WTA no. 1 seed will be determined.

Germany’s Angelique Kerber has already won one match against Slovenian Polona Hercog within the first round, toppling America’s Serena Williams’ record in the US Open 2016. Her one-win opportunity before replacing Williams in the top spot doesn’t distract her, Kerber revealed.

It’s an honorable feeling for Kerber to have a once in a lifetime chance to take the no. 1 spot in WTA Rankings after one win in the US Open. But instead of thinking much about it, the German tennis player focused on enjoying “her tennis” than forcing herself to earn that title.

Kerber told Daily Mail UK that she acknowledged the fact wherein she only needed one win in the tournament to take Williams’ title. The source explained that for Williams to defend her rank, she has to reach the last four rounds in the event.

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Furthermore, if Kerber reaches the quarter finals, Williams has to reach the last round instead. If both of them reach the last round, both of them should guarantee their selves a win as the no. 1 spot in WTA will be given directly to the winner.

“I will not put too much pressure on it, if the day will come when I will reach No 1, it would be amazing. But I learned a lot of things the last year, especially with the Singapore thing, with my match there. I had to win one set and I put too much pressure on myself … That’s why I will not be thinking too much,” she said.

In our earlier report, we wrote that Kerber only required 200 points to reach Williams’ spot. The point-gap between the two women athletes was too slim that it only needed one win in the US Open 2016 to know whether Serena Williams could successfully defend her place or not.

Certainly, the American no. 1 seed Williams faced too much burden in that case. But in the meantime, she remained mum about the issue. During the earlier interviews, she denied the claims of being stressed from her state.

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But her situation is very clear. Her one loss could give way to Kerber’s no. 1 spot in WTA Rankings this year. Currently, Williams and Kerber have 7,050 and 6,860 points from the year tournaments .

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