Venus Williams vs Serena Williams: What coaches say ahead of Australian Open

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Venus Williams, Australian Open, Serena Williams
Venus Williams, Australian Open, Serena Williams

The 2017 Australian Open women’s finals has unexpectedly become a sibling rivalry between Venus Williams and the seeded no. 2 Serena Williams. It is safe to say that no one expected this outcome, as Venus has not won a major title since Wimbledon in 2008.

And at 36 years old, the likelihood was that her younger challengers, such as Coco Vandeweghe would eventually get the better of her. But Venus Williams came out playing beautiful tennis and hung on to the invaluable lessons gained by long experience. Perhaps Rolling Stone magazine describes her reaction best after winning against Vandeweghe best:

“This will be Venus’ first Slam final in eight years, since she was in her late 20s. You can measure how eight years feels on a person’s shoulders in the way she twirled, the way she smiled into the sky.”

Venus Williams against Serena means war

Both sisters Venus and Serena Williams came out victorious against their respective opponents with absolute grace. Serena needs to win the 2017 Australian Open to regain her number ranking in the WTA. It will also be her 23rd major title in the Open Era, which would give her one title more than Steffi Graf. Don’t’ expect something smooth to come out of it.

“They will go on court and it will be war,” Serena’s coach, Patrick Mouratoglou predicted. “It is like two very competitive sisters who play at Monopoly when they are 12 and when one of them loses, she has a mental breakdown and wants to kill her sister. It is the same now even though they adore each other. Serena does not want to lose and perhaps even more so against her sister.”

Venus Williams is more of a strategist, compared to her younger sister. Serena Williams wrote in her biography that while Venus tends to find ways to mask her intentions, mixes her serve, on the other hand, she “tends to react more than V, so I plan to be ready for whatever she throws at me”.

Underdog sister

The Williams sisters both had their time at the number one spot, but Serena Williams has more wins head-to-head 16-11. After they last battled it out in Wimbledon, Serena had 14 more finals appearances, and is apparently more successful.

“It’s not so much about what happened last year, but where she is now, mentally,” Venus’ coach Mouratoglou told CNN Sport. “And I feel she’s herself, so I don’t see what happened last year as affecting what’s going to happen this year.”

If the past and losing should be a factor coming in, Venus Williams should take it on a positive light, his coach said. “Or maybe it will affect her positively because she is frustrated with what happened last year. She definitely wants to go better this year and sometimes losing is a good way for you to regroup and be better.”

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