Wimbledon 2016 Cinderella man Marcus Willis speaks on engagement with gf Jennifer Bates, reveals secret behind his newly found fame

Wimbledon 2016 Cinderella man Marcus Willis confirmed plans on proposing to his girlfriend Jennifer Bates
Wimbledon 2016 Cinderella man Marcus Willis confirmed plans on proposing to Jennifer Bates in an interview. He would have a quick return in SW19 as well.

Wimbledon 2016 Cinderella man Marcus Willis recently spoke about his engagement plans on his girlfriend Jennifer Bates. He revealed she became her sole strength when he fought in a major match the first time with Roger Federer.

He knew he will lose against world No. 3-ranked and Swiss tennis legend Roger Federer. But the chance of fighting him on Centre Court grass the first time was amazing. He shared he was about to give up but seeing Jennifer Bates on the side cheering him made him strong to continue the battle.

“Knowing she was there, cheering me on, made all the difference. With her watching me on the sidelines, I felt happy and relaxed. It was Jenny who gave me the confidence to believe in myself,” he said.

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He added he wanted to give up his Wimbledon 2016 dream match after trying and failing for consecutive six years. But her unending support and cheers made him decide to try another year.

“After trying and failing to play at Wimbledon for six years in a row, I was ready to give up,” Willis stated. Consequently, he defeated Lithuanian Ricardas Berankis in the qualifiers and had the chance to face Swiss Roger Federer.

He lost against the legend but he will treasure the experience. In fact, that event became his personal motivation to work harder in his newly found passion, which has almost been forgotten.

During an interview with Hello! Magazine, he mentioned he became so overwhelmed with the opened possibilities and opportunities after the match. He didn’t expect people to love him and to offer him sponsorships, endorsements. Some of the offers included £50,000 reward for succeeding the second round.

“I’m overwhelmed by it all. My body is aching and my mind is exhausted, but above all I’m ecstatic. Since meeting Jenny, I’ve had the best four months of my life. Now I plan to take away for a lovely holiday,” he stated.

At the end of the interview, he revealed he already has plans on proposing to his amazing girlfriend Jennifer Bates. “We both want the same things in life and yes, an engagement is on the cards. As long as I have Jenny, I’m the happiest man in the world,” Wimbledon 2016 Cinderella man confirmed.

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In the meantime, Daily Mail UK reported his quick return to SW19 as he was picked up as Poland’s Klaudia Jans-Ignacik’s alternate if the pair drops out.

Would fans see Wimbledon 2016 Cinderella man once again?

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