Wimbledon 2016 Cinderella man Marcus Willis tweets Roger Federer; Triumphant says ‘He deserved more’

Wimbledon 2016 real life Cinderella man Marcus Willis
Wimbledon 2016’s real life Cinderella man Marcus Willis recently sent classy social media posts to his opponent and world’s No. 3-ranked Roger Federer.

Wimbledon 2016’s real life Cinderella man Marcus Willis recently shared social media posts in his official Twitter and Instagram accounts how he’s amazed with world’s No. 3 ranked Roger Federer. In fact, he stated he will avenge his loss.

Marcus Willis might have ended his major tournament in Wimbledon 2016 on Wednesday. Yet, the hearts of the crowd are continuously inspired from his amazing story.

Surprisingly, he personally sent messages to his opponent Roger Federer in his Twitter and Instagram accounts. He stated how proud he is to fight against a legend. For a no-record-holder like him, it means something.

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“@rogerfederer thanks for being such a gent. Most amazing day of my life. I will be back. #willyonfire,” he tweeted.

On the other hand, he stated same words in his Instagram account but in a more emotional tone. “Thanks to Roger for his class, thanks for the overwhelming support. I will be back. #teamcurlers #willyonfire,” Willis posted.

Moreover, many of the fans felt proud to his achievements, USA Today reported. Berkshire Tennis shared how pleased they are with how Marcus Willis performed in the last Wimbledon 2016 match against Federer.

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“Many congratulations on your performances over this Wimbledon. To finish on Centre Court v Federer tops off this incredible journey. We hope you continue on this journey and carry on making us in Berkshire very proud,” Lesley Cundy, Chair of Berkshire LTA wrote.

Roger Federer, in response to these Marcus Willis’ social media posts, cited he’s soaked with crowd’s cheers. “I thought I got my fair share of support. [Willis] deserved more. He deserved more in the bigger moments,” he said via ESPN Tennis.

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