Wimbledon 2016 darling Marcus Willis turns down £15K worth The Sun logo for Roger Federer match

Wimbledon 2016 darling Marcus Willis
Wimbledon 2016 darling Marcus Willis turns down an big offer from The Sun to wear their logo during match against Roger Federer on Wednesday.

Wimbledon 2016 darling Marcus Willis reportedly turned down an offer from The Sun worth £15,000 banner ad. The deal was to place the ad on his tennis outfit during his match against Swiss legend Roger Federer.

Marcus Willis lost against world’s No. 3-ranked Roger Federer but he said he felt light wearing his classic tennis outfit free from any advertisements.

According to various reports, The Sun offered a deal with him and take advantage of his immense popularity through placing their logo in his attire.

Yet, the No. 722-ranked tennis player refused the offer and continued the match with no ads brought during the remarkable Wimbledon 2016 match.

Those who aren’t familiar with The Sun, it is a daily tabloid that publishes news across the UK and Ireland.

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Liverpool Echo stated that he was able to experience the richest experience of his tennis life not in terms of money. The source cited that by having the chance to fight against the world’s tennis legend was already enough for him.

Consequently, many of the Wimbledon 2016 fans and other sports enthusiasts admired his act of refusing The Sun for principle. For them, it was brilliant and truly meant the sport itself is valuable enough.

He knew he didn’t have much before he entered Wimbledon 2016. Nonetheless, he also considered his values and principle as a player and as an individual through turning down such big offer of £15,000 from The Sun either for an interview or wearing their logo in his attire.

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During his match, Wimbledon 2016 darling Marcus Willis said that he acknowledged his performance albeit his loss.

“If I’m playing quite well and competing with Roger Federer for a couple of sets, I’m doing the right thing,” he noted.

In response, Federer admitted that Wilis is a great player and treated him like a professional tennis player in the Top 50 “because that’s the level he was playing at,” he cited.

Photo courtesy: Instagram.com/@willthebomb90

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