Wimbledon 2016: Marcus Willis story as a Hollywood box-office hit ‘Break Point’ in 2017 confirmed

Marcus Willis story at Wimbledon 2016 becomes Hollywood movie
Wimbledon 2016’s Marcus Willis story confirmed to be the next Hollywood box-office hit in 2017. London-based Andy James is in talks with LA companies.

Wimbledon 2016’s Marcus Willis story is confirmed to be the next Hollywood box-office in 2017. Film-maker Andy James revealed to create an “English romantic drama” from the recent match with Willis and world’s No.3-ranked Roger Federer.

The London-based film-maker Andy James mentioned he is now in talks with companies in Los Angeles to set the goal of immortalizing the historic story of 772 ranked Marcus Willis on big screen.

“I’m in talks now with production companies out of Los Angeles. The goal is to get it up, shot and ready to launch by Wimbledon next year,” James said.

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He told The Guardian about the reason of creating such story in Hollywood film. According to the source, he was struck with how his girlfriend, Jennifer Bate, took part of the event.

In addition, he is adamant to produce such film to show people how a former party-goer can be reformed to share Centre Court with the seven-time world champion and currently ranked No. 3 Roger Federer for one hour and 25 minutes. The movie might be entitled “Break Point.”

Without her or if her equipment worked efficiently that time, she wouldn’t have seen Marcus Willis’ great play against Roger Federer.

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“It’s a beautiful love story. He is an everyman inspired by love and never giving up. Jennifer is the perfect co-lead. She’s a dentist and only because her equipment broke down, she got a chance to come and see him play. It’s like the Rocky of tennis,” he explained.

“His record is basically zero all around the world. He had to work so hard just to make the main draw. It’s the love that is behind the sports story. I think it could be a really cool, low-budget English romantic drama,” James added.

In summary, Marcus Willis’ story deserves to be on big screen and share throughout the world. His remarkable story inspired millions of the fans around the globe besides Wimbledon 2016 enthusiasts.

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