Wimbledon 2016 Men’s Draw Predictions: Andy Murray stops Novak Djokovic

Andy Murray predicted to defeat Novak Djokovic in Wimbledon 2016

Wimbledon 2016 is coming hours from now and various predictions on the Men’s Draw are revealed. Among them is Andy Murray stopping Novak Djokovic from winning this season.

Everyone knows that no. 2 seed Andy Murray will head to Wimbledon draw along with seven-time world champion Roger Federer. Rumors are rife that there is a high possibility Murray can fight against Novak Djokovic in the finals.

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Live-Tennis cited that in the first quarter, Novak Djokovic will face Canadian tennis player, Milos Raonic, with predicted results of Djokovic leading H2H 7-0. This was based from the former’s unbeaten record. The source believe this will not change this year.

The second quarter is the projected quarterfinal between Roger Federer and Kei Nishikori. The latter is ranked world no. 6 by the Association of Tennis Professionals and the only Japanese ranked in top 10 in ATP ranking.

Between Federer and Nishikori, many think the former doesn’t have the physical fitness needed to defeat the latter because of age. Though Nishikori has defeated Federer before, the 26-year-old tennis player might not be able to do the same this year. That is, if Federer remains healthy and rust-free with H2H 4-2.

Third quarter predictions followed. The same source stated that within this quarter, Stan Wawrinka from Switzerland will fight against Austrian Dominic Thiem. Live-Tennis predicted Dominic Thiem will win with H2H 2-1.

Andy Murray and Richard Gasquet will face in the fourth quarter of Wimbledon 2016. Based from the performances of the two great tennis players in the last tournaments, Murray will likely defeat Gasquet with H2H 8-3.

If Andy Murray wins in the Wimbledon 2016 quarter tournament, he will face Dominic Thiem and Djokovic with Roger Federer in semi-finals.

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Based from the same source’s findings, Murray will head to the finals and play against the world’s unbeaten tennis champion Novak Djokovic.

If the Wimbledon 2016 Men’s Draw predictions prove to be true, then Andy Murray will have rough competition with Novak Djokovic and will consider the game as his biggest roadblock.

Nonetheless, Andy Murray earlier stated in Daily Mail UK that he plans to dedicate his Grand Slam win to his baby daughter.

“I guess it would be nice so she knows what it is that you’ve done, or is maybe old enough to understand what it is that you do,” Murray said. “So maybe as I start to get older that might be more of a motivation to keep going and training, and working hard to stay at the top,” he added.

The Djokovic-Murray rivalry is one of the most notable among the world’s great professional tennis players. Will Murray finally stop Djokovic the second time around in Wimbledon 2016?

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