Wimbledon 2016: Roger Federer, a Marcus Willis’ fan; Brit’s inspiring story possibly the next Hollywood movie hit

Roger Federer admits one of the fans of Marcus Willis at Wimbledon 2016
Roger Federer admits he becomes one of the millions of fans of Marcus Willis at Wimbledon 2016. He mentioned he has been following Willis before match draw.

With much of a surprise, Roger Federer admits he became one of the millions of Marcus Willis’ fans in Wimbledon 2016. Throughout the world’s No. 3-ranked Federer’s career, he never expected to witness a remarkable event like he did today.

Marcus Willis might be unable to digest the historic events that happened in his life in the past few weeks. He may still remain overwhelmed to the fact he stepped to Wimbledon 2016’s green grass and fought the world’s legend.

Without his knowledge, Roger Federer, currently ranked No. 3 in ATP Ratings in tennis men’s singles, has been following his story since the beginning. He read stories about Willis from the moment the latter qualified for Wimbledon 2016.

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In a Wimbledon press conference days ago, Federer admitted he didn’t expect to fight against a player ranked 772. Obviously, it’s a test of the greatest and the victorious. He admired the spirit of this guy whose name popped out all of a sudden.

“This story is gold. I must tell you, I was quite a bit intrigued even before he was in my section of the draw. After he qualified I was reading a lot about his story,” Federer said.

Roger Federer also mentioned that his match with Marcus Willis will be something he won’t forget. “It’s probably not going to happen for me to play against a guy 770 in the world,” he explained.

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During the interview with The Guardian, he said he felt like it was like “a little bit” like a movie script. Thus, if this Wimbledon 2016 historic, remarkable, inspiring story can turn into an instant Hollywood film, it might be possible.

Marcus Willis’ friend and rival Scott Clayton supported the idea that by having his friend’s story in film, it will definitely inspire millions of people around the world.

“I think maybe there needs to be a sequel, Marcus Willis, because I think it would be a great film,” he cited.

See how Roger Federer admits his admiration towards Marcus Willis in Wimbledon press conference!

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