Wimbledon 2016 Semifinal Match: Venus Williams speaks & defends Angelique Kerber defeat on Centre Court

Wimbledon 2016 semifinal match Venus Williams vs Angelique Kerber
Fans noticed during Wimbledon 2016 semifinal match that Venus Williams was not in great condition vs Angelique Kerber. They shared news on social media.

Fans noticed during Wimbledon 2016 semifinal match that Venus Williams seemed to be unwell when she faced Germany’s Angelique Kerber. The former world No. 1 American was defeated with 6-4, 6-4 results.

Various sources mentioned that fans used the social media to express their fears on Venus Williams’ health risks when she fought the semifinal match with Angelique Kerber.

“Venus never looked convincing at all. She’s looking tired and uninterested,” Lizzy Kilani wrote on Twitter. “What is going on with Venus Williams? , she looks like she was out on the lash last night #hungover #Wimbledon2016,” @wilko_1984 stated.

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Venus Williams explained to the media regarding her real health condition and how Sjögren’s Syndrome affected her professional tennis career. “I can’t get all those extra little things you need, and it’s hard to get motivated if you don’t feel well too,” she said.

“There only so much you can do, so I’ve definitely had to adjust a lot but I just see it as a challenge because in my life I’ve never been defeated by anything, Williams added.

According to Daily Mail UK, the illness greatly affected Venus Williams’ performance during her match with Angelique Kerber. But it is indeed admirable she made it to her first Grand Slam semi-final since 2010.

The 28-year-old German was aware of her condition and she knew exactly what to do on Centre Court grass. She explained she can’t adjust that well since she’s also busy on her side of the net to check if Williams was slow or not.

“I know that she played long matches, in the first week especially. I was trying to moving her. That was the plan. That is always the plan when you play against Venus because when she have the ball on the racket, yeah, she hits the ball from left to right, and you just run,” Kerber cited.

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Williams defended speculations on her fatigue as the cause of her defeat, ESPN noted. She noted that it was Kerber’s proficiency that wins, not because of her illness of some sort. “She played so well. Just credit to her for playing well. Second [Grand Slam] final of the year. It shows she’s doing something right,” Williams mentioned.

Angelique Kerber won against Venus Williams with 6-4, 6-4 during Wimbledon 2016 semifinal match. That being said, fans won’t see Williams sisters’ battle on Centre Court.

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