Wimbledon star Petra Kvitova to bounce back no matter how long it takes

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Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ Petra Kvitova

Two-time Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova was caught off guard on Tuesday when a burglar disguised himself as a utility man. The suspect, described being around 35 years of age, was let in Petra’s home so he could check the meter, but started to wield a knife as soon as he got in.

The injuries sustained by Petra Kvitova were described as “serious,” and affected her left hand. Kvitova, a lefty, currently ranks number 11 in the world in the WTA, and at her best reached the number 2 spot back in 2011.

Before her treatments began, her doctors assured her that her injuries would not deter her from pursuing her career in tennis. Still questions remain if she’ll be able to perform as good as before the incident.

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“When we talk about (playing tennis), it will take about six months,” said surgeon Radek Kebrle in a report by the Telegraph. “It’s a serious injury and we have to deal with that accordingly. She’s young and healthy and has long, slim fingers. That’s a good prognosis.”

Doctors spent four hours to complete the surgery. Physical rehabilitation follows, thus taking some time off the competition.

Petra Kvitova released from hospital

Speaking before the public for the first time on Friday since her attack, Petra Kvitova said, “I will do everything I can to return to the sport I love as soon as possible,” according to a report by Reuters.

Petra Kvitova donned a heavy cast on her left hand. She looked confident and determined to get back on track as she had in her triumphant days in Wimbledon. She was formally released from the hospital with a positive feedback from her surgeons that her recovery is going “fine and without complications.”

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“I’m happy to tell you I’m feeling well,” Kvitova told ESPN. “The medical staff, the police, my family and my team have all provided me with amazing support in this difficult situation.”

Determination to compete again

Looking more relaxed on stage before the media, Petra Kvitova went on to talk about her focus and what she plans to do for a successful return to tennis.

“I have no choice but to look ahead, and not back, to see how everything will develop,” Kvitova said. “It does not really matter to me how long it will take (to play again), whether it is three months, six months, a year or however long. But certainly I want to return one day and I will do everything possible to do so.”

“I will use all my energy to focus on my recovery and I will do everything I can to return to the sport I love as soon as possible.”

In closing, the former Wimbledon champion stated, “I am now looking forward to spending time with my family and I ask for privacy and peace as I start my journey towards a return to the tennis court.”

Photo Courtesy: Facebook/ Petra Kvitova

Video Courtesy: Youtube/Wimbledon

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