Casa Nostra worker saves two women from doom

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Even when his own life was on the line, his goodness of heart and desire to try and save other people’s lives still prevailed.

Safer, a Muslim who originated from Algeria did not even think twice when he saved two bloodied women from the deadly terrorist attacks Friday night in Paris.

It was told by Safer that he was at the counter of the Casa Nostra restaurant where he was working at, when he heard explosions and loud bangs from all directions. Shattered glasses and window panes all came flying to their faces as a result of the impact from the attack.

One of the women was hit on the wrist, while the other in the shoulder. According to Safer, they were profusely bleeding.

He had to wait for a moment of silence, when firing has ceased. That was when Safer knew he had the chance to come to the aide of the injured women.

The establishment where he worked had a basement, and that is where he brought the women to give them first aid treatment. His first instinct was to stop the bleeding of their wounds.

Out on the streets, as describe by Safer, were a lot of bodies. Some were dead, some were injured.

Jean-Paul Lugon, a resident near the restaurant went out of his house minutes after he felt the attackers had left.

“The continued gunfire lasted around two to three minutes.”

This angered Lugon, who said that the people killed are civilians – people who did not ask for that. For him, these are people who had bright futures ahead of them.

The attack happened in the area of 11th arrondissement, an area occupied mostly by Muslims and people of Arab origin.

This was questioned by Lugon, who said, “They did not go to the 16th or 7th or other rich areas, where immigrants stand out. Why here?”

In another area which houses a number of Muslims in Paris, their anger was indescribable.

Jamal said, “We are not like them. We condemn the act. We have nothing to do with them.”

Religion is clearly out of the question. But the real cliffhanger is that, why claim the lives of innocent people who doesn’t even meddle or is not even connected with the attackers’ plight?

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