Travel: Five Best places to eat in Rio de Janeiro [PHOTOS INSIDE]

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Photo Courtesy: Elingunnur/Wikipedia

Aside from athletes, coaches and other delegates heading to the Summer Olympics on August 5-21 at Rio de Janeiro are thousands tourists, sports enthusiasts, fans and supporters.

Rio, or popularly known as the Marvellous City, is famous for its white beaches, towering mountains and scenic docks. It is the second largest city in Brazil. The lively city is best known for its great sand beaches, carnivals, football matches, music and its well preserved lush tropical forests.

Aside from different attraction to look up for, Rio also has delicious food to find for during your visit in this Marvellous City most especially this upcoming Rio Olympics.

Here are some of the best places to eat in Rio:

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Aprazivel is a multi-level outdoor-indoor restaurant in the hills overlooking the harbour. It offers a chance to discover the arty Santa Teresa Neighborhood. It’s also one of the best places to eat traditional fare including street foods like acarajé (bean fritters) and cheese rolls as well as goat, beef, lamb, salt cod and moqueca (fish stew).

Chef Ana Castilho’s galinhada, a spiced chicken dish from her native Minas Gerais, north of Rio is one of the dishes to look out for.



Lasai is owned by the couple Chef Rafael Costa Silva and his wife, Malena Cardiel. The harvest is featured on the tasting menu, which can reach more than 12 small courses, each given an inventive presentation.

One of the best foods here is the tempura leaf of Swiss chard sandwiching spinach purée draped on a board, and an array of Brazilian cheeses served on a little ziggurat. The wine list is also incredible that includes a silky 2004 cabernet sauvignon-merlot blend from Brazil that is properly decanted from its flabby little bottle. The walls are bare wood and brick, the rafters are exposed and the tables are bare in the airy front room.

Try also to order the “ovo,” coconut and yam cream in the shape of an egg cooked sunny-side up, served with a beef jerky “chip.”

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Satyricon is an elegant Italian seafood restaurant was highly recommended. Fish, mollusks and crustaceans are impeccably fresh, and the immense menu includes plump mussels, succulent grilled langoustines, a first-rate mushroom risotto, and pargo (red snapper) in a cream sauce. The large dining room is richly appointed and upbeat, with service that has old-school grace.

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Azumi is a Japanese restaurant that offers a handful and tasteful Japanese foods specifically Sushi Leblon and Yumê. Azumi’s seafood is mostly fresh, thanks to its boat that catches it fresh every morning for the evening’s sushi and sashimi.



Laguiole is a lustrous room on the second floor of the modern art museum is a magnet for business lunch groups. The foods are given suitably artful presentation that is mostly French and Brazilian cuisines.There is also an excellent wine list that includes a few selections, including sparklers, from Brazil.

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These are only five of the best places to eat in Rio de Janeiro. You can still find a lot more restaurants here in Rio because of its huge attractions and culture.

Just remember, always add a little precaution when eating because some dishes may not agree with everyone.

Photo Courtesy: Elingunnur/Wikipedia

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