United Airlines Pilots arrested for DUI in a plane; Both men to appear in court

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United Airlines Pilots
United Airlines Pilots

Two United Airlines pilots were arrested in Glasgow after concerns were raised while preparing for departure from the airport. Police were called in after the two pilots tried to board their flight, while being obviously under the influence of alcohol.

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According to reports, the two men, aged 35 and 45 years old, tried to pass through staff check in prior to their 9AM flight despite being drunk. By 9:30AM, police were called in and the pair were arrested in the airplane’s cockpit.

The plane was slated to carry 141 passengers and was supposed to depart for Newark Airport. Instead, they were grounded for hours, and had to witness police rushing in the tunnels that lead to the plane with the drunk pilots. Some took to social media to air concern and frustration about their delayed flight.

The passengers were eventually allowed to board hours after the incident. The plane left at 19:15, with an entirely new flight crew onboard.

The two pilots, on the other hand, are due to appear in court for their violation. They have also been suspended by United Airlines, who made sure to apologize to their passengers for the incident.

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A spokesperson for the Scottish police also confirmed the arrest of the two pilots. “We can confirm that two men aged 35 and 45 have been arrested and are presently detained in police custody in connection with alleged offences under the Railways and Transport Safety Act 2003, Section 93.” said the spokesperson in a statement to media.

Section 93 it states that “A person commits an offense if he performs an aviation function at a time when the proportion of alcohol in his breath, blood or urine exceeds the prescribed limit, or he carries out an activity which is ancillary to an aviation function at a time when the proportion of alcohol in his breath, blood or urine exceeds the prescribed limit.”

This is the second time that this sort of violation happened in the past two months. Just last July, two Canadian pilots were also arrested in the same airport on suspicion that they were trying to fly while under the influence of alcohol.

Photo Courtesy: Bernal Saborio/ Flickr

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