UFC Fight Night 84: Silva can become champion again according to Soares

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Once again, Anderson Silva tries to make a comeback in the UFC against Michael Bisping this upcoming UFC Fight Night 84.

After experiencing back-to-back defeats  against Chris Weidman and a ‘no contest’ ruling against Nate Diaz, manager Ed Soares believes that Silva, at age 40 can still become a champion in the UFC.

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“At the end of the day that will be a decision the UFC makes,” said Soares as reported by

“But I believe…Anderson’s always told me, I don’t think I’m the best, I just believe I can do things that people think are impossible. And I think a lot of people right now are thinking Anderson Silva becoming the champion again is impossible. So I think that potentially motivated him. Just people doubting him has motivated him.

It has been four years since Silva experienced a win in the Octagon. Since his defeat, Chris Weidman who was perceived as the conqueror of the future MMA Hall of famer, lost his title to Luke Rockhold.

Still, with time against him, Silva still believes that he has it in him to become champion again as narrated by Soares.

“But he’s happy right now. And I think that if Anderson wants to become a champion in his heart, I think that’s he’s the guy who can do it.”

Soares now sees a different Anderson Silva, something that he does not see often.

“I just know that Anderson’s motivated and happy right now and focused,” he said. “A motivated, focused, happy Anderson, as crazy as it sounds…a happy Anderson is a dangerous Anderson inside the Octagon. I think Anderson is doing really well, and that he’s going to put on a great performance on Feb. 27.”

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