UFC News: Brad Pickett feels that his job is secure with win over Rivera

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After suffering three straight losses in the UFC, Brad Pickett admitted that he was scared of not being renewed by the organization if he loses for the fourth time.

Instead, Pickett gave a fight of a lifetime as he threw in everything over Francisco Rivera including the kitchen sink.

“My demons were, it didn’t matter who I was facing that night – it could’ve been no. 1 in the world to some guy off the street – I just needed to get the win. I went in with that in mind. I was desperate. Obviously, I was coming off of a few losses.”

“For me, I was fighting for my job in there, in my eyes. Even if I hadn’t lost tonight and they said they wouldn’t have kept me, I probably would end up retiring because I’m not in this sport just to make up the numbers. It’s not about just competing at this level. It’s about getting performances and winning.”

The win gave Pickett the confidence that he needs to get back in the saddle. With a total fighting record of 25-11 (5-6 in the UFC), he thinks that his career can still be revived.

“In training, I’ve been feeling great,” he said. “I know I’m 37, but I started this career late. I didn’t start fighting until I was 26. I still think I’ve got some good years left in me. I just needed to get the result tonight and I think that’ll give me my mojo back. Now I got that done, now I think I’ll move onto better things.

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