Facebook strikes back and counter decline on original content sharing

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Social networking Facebook may have dominated social media space, but future success is never a guarantee.

A report published by The Information on Thursday revealed that the social networking site has been struggling to reverse a massive 21 percent declines in original sharing or personal updates. Instead of posting original contents, Facebook’s 1.6 billion users are posting more news and information on other websites.

This may indicate a key vulnerability for the social behemoth and could sound trouble for the company. It’s now clear that Facebook’s winning streak won’t last. Facebook’s decline in personal updates reflects a common growing pain for most online communities and social networks.

According to The Information, original sharing of personal stories, instead of posting public information like news articles have dropped 21 percent year over year as of mid-2015.

To counter this huge decline, the company has released a plethora of updates to its Live Video feature to make it easier to post original contents. The updates include live streams within events and groups, real-time reactions, invitations for friends to watch a live video and the Facebook Live Map. The Facebook Video features were launched on April 6, and Facebook believes that it will compete for advertising eyeballs with Google’s Youtube, Twitter and other social media platforms.

The company is busy beefing up its video platform. Recently, it tweaked its News Feed algorithm so that ongoing Live Video streams will be ranked higher. The company is determined to get people to post and share original contents.

To make a better experience, the company has launched a dedicated video browsing hub and a brand new video search engine. It also making the Live video into its Trends in search and send a notification when someone you’re connected to or follow broadcasts.

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