Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardarshian closer than ever as he cites a miracle comeback

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Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom is doing exceptionally well at present. The former professional basketball player was knocking on death’s door last October as he suffered 12 strokes and was unable to speak or walk.

Lamar Odom was seen hiking with Kim Kardarshian and Khloe Kardarshian over the weekend. Citing his health last October, none of the doctors believed that Lamar would be alive to see this day. Lamar Odom’s cognitive functions have started working properly. He has been able to speak, process thoughts and continue having conversations, as reported by TMZ.

Previously when he was in hospital, Lamar was unable to recognize people including family members. However, he is able to do those now without any nuances.

Reports suggest that Lamar Odom wants to run again. That was the sole purpose of him going hiking with Kim and Khloe.

The rate at which Lamar is progressing, it can be considered as a miracle. From being completely bedridden to living independently on his own terms in a span of months, Lamar has already done the incredible.

Despite being divorced, Khloe has shown amazing commitment towards her ex-husband. She is spending quality time with him and his lending her complete support during his recovery.

“When Lamar isn’t in physical therapy he is with Khloe. They continue to be closer than ever. No one really knows what will happen with them in the future.” A source reported to E! News.

Khloe was recently seen in the Ellen DeGeneres Show where she said that Lamar Odom is “really good” since his overdose. She also stated that his long term memory is great.

“He’s hung out with Kourt’s and [Kim]’s kids. He loves family time.” Khloe added.

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