Lee Min-Ho and Suzy Bae relationship ruin blamed on Kim Woo-Bin; Uncontrollably Fond singer-actress denies claims

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Lee Min-Ho and Suzy Bae relationship
Uncontrollably Fond actor Kim Woo-Bin was reportedly blamed responsible for Lee Min-Ho and Suzy Bae relationship ruin. Actress secretly having affair?

The Lee Min-Ho and Suzy Bae relationship is in ruins after the actress reportedly had an affair with her leading man in a South Korean drama series. Suzy and Kim Woo-Bin are the two leading characters of the series “Uncontrollably Fond,” and the two seemed like they’re becoming more than friends.

According to the latest rumors, the relationship of the most sought-after South Korean real-life couple Lee Min-Ho and Suzy Bae turned sour as the 21-year-old singer-actress became too involved with her leading man Kim Woo-Bin in a Korean drama series.

Furthermore, Suzy Bae is reportedly having an affair with the actor. Consequently, Lee Min-Hoo intervened and asked his girlfriend to leave the show, various insider sources reported. Inquisitr also added that this was the same reason for their breakup rumors.

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Moreover, the actress rejected the 29-year-old singer-actor’s recent marriage proposal while they were on a trip in London. Morning Ledger stated that the couple were supposed to have a romantic vacation together amid their hectic work schedules.

The actor asked Suzy Bae to marry him, but the sources noted that she’s not yet ready for it. Though she kept mentioning Lee Min-Ho in public, settling down with him isn’t her priority due to slated projects.

The singer-actress denied these marriage proposal claims as these events didn’t happen while they were in London. She said that they got overlapped working schedules, so they have a chance to see each other.

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In addition to what she explained, they’ve got tons of work to take care of. Thus, talking about their marriage is too soon for them. However, she confirmed that they still continue to support each other’s work and plan to move forward in their relationship at the right time. Perhaps marriage will come as soon as they’re both ready to settle down.

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