Melania Trump and Michelle Obama’s first meeting after plagiarism controversy and anomalies

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Photo courtesy: Marc Nozell/Flickr
Melanie Trump accused of plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s speech

The current first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama and the soon to be first lady, Melania Trump sat down together for a tea in the White House. It was their first meeting since the alleged plagiarism anomalies.

The meeting of the two ladies is described by The Washington Post as somewhat awkward.

Melania Trump most remembered moment of the campaign is when she gave her first speech before a large audience at a Republican National Convention. And soon enough, everybody notice the several phrases that had been plagiarized from one of Michelle Obama’s speech back in 2008.

Melania went on and further explain that she is an admirer of the first lady. She also add that she just kept note of Michelle’s speech and just forward it to her speech writer. After the alleged plagiarism, Melania kept a low profile and was never seen in any of Trump’s campaign.

On a ‘The Late Show’  hosted by Stephen Colbert asked the first lady, “Melania Trump was criticized for using what turned out to be a portion of your speech — but do you have any sympathy? Because there are people around her creating things, and you know, I have sympathy for her. Do you understand how that might be sympathetic, for what happened to her?”.

Michelle gave a short remark saying “Yeah, that was tough.”

To add the tension even more Michelle Obama criticize Melania’s spouse Donald Trump over his birther conspiracy theory as he ran on the campaign. Reports on CNN stated that according to Michelle, Trump doesn’t fit the role for presidency.

As part of the White House Tradition, President-Elect Donald Trump and his spouse Melania Trump were invited to the White House to partially welcome them. While all eyes on President Obama and Trump, their two spouses sat down together for tea. Michelle gave Melania a tour on the white house as well.

According to CNN, their conversation primarily focus on their roles of being a mother. Michelle is a mother to two of her daughter Sasha and Malia while Melania to her young son Barron.

While the two female political spouses found common ground as being mothers, tension is visible between them according to The Telegraph news. The report said that Melania looks nervous and very quiet, “ …seems like a girl who is called into the headteacher’s office.”

As for President Obama and President-Elect Donald Trump, the conversation went smoothly with Donald Trump calling the president “A very very good man.”

Photo courtesy: Marc Nozell/Flickr

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