NFL Rumors: Ryan Clady to exit Broncos upon Russell Okung’s Arrival

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Ryan Clady, Broncos, Russel Okung
Ryan Clady, a player on the Denver Broncos American football team.

It is now confirmed that left tackle Russell Okung has agreed to sign a five-year contract with the Denver Broncos following a non-traditional free agency move. The former Seattle Seashawks offensive lineman is reportedly finalizing a $53 million deal with Broncos while other insiders speculated that it might just reach $60 million in closing.

“Russell Okung’s agreement with the #Broncos (first reported by @JosinaAnderson) is 5 years, up to $12M per year,” NFL Insider Ian Rapoport twitted.

What makes this deal very unorthodox is the fact that Okung opted not to have an agent, making himself his own agent. As a result of this crafty and yet risky undertaking, Russel was able to save 3 percent or up to $1.8 million by negotiating his contract. This might sound very alarming for some NFL experts and agents, but Okung tells us that he knows how much he is worth.

“I know my worth. I can look at the market and go directly to a team without an agent and tell that team my worth. And I can do so with confidence because I’ve done my research, I’ve educated myself and I’ve questioned the answers I’ve been given. And when it comes to reviewing the details of my next deal, I’ll hire an expert — a lawyer or a sports attorney who understands the dynamic of football contracts — to read the paperwork. I’ll negotiate a one-time flat fee that isn’t dependent on the size of my salary,” Okung stipulated.

With Okung signing a deal with Denver Broncos, changes will be made in the system and its roster. As early as now, rumors are surfacing pointing out to the possible exit of Ryan Clady.

“Okung signing signals end of Clady in Den. His release likely to come. Hard to see a trade there. If any LT gets dealt, my $ on Joe Thomas,” Jason La Canfora of CBSSports pointed out.

Though Okung is not in shape to be back as one of the top-10 offensive linemen in the league, Denver is still banking on a better version of Okung this year. With last year’s performance, he might be a solid starter for the franchise future.

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