Rams are becoming more concerned with Tre Mason

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Rams are becoming more concerned with Tre Mason

The Los Angeles Rams are becoming more concerned with Tre Mason as the running back has been absent from training camp, which started Saturday. What has also been disconcerting is that Mason has not been returning calls or in contact with any of the team’s top brass.

The situation has prompted Coach Jeff Fisher and the Rams to place Mason on the reserve list.

“It was our only option,” Fisher said during a press conference at the Rams’ camp. “I haven’t personally spoken with Tre since the (2015) season ended – when we had out check-out physicals. I tried numerous times after the incident to reach him, and I was unsuccessful. Been communicating through the offseason with his agent, Bus Cook. Had minimal conversation with family members. But Tre has made a decision not to communicate with us – not to talk, not talking with his teammates.”

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At this point though, the Rams are becoming more concerned with Tre Mason’s well-being than his football career.

There were reports earlier this week that police have been called to the athlete’s home five times since late March. Relatives and friends have also been quite concerned with his mental health, mentioning instances of angry outbursts and bizarre behavior.

Mason also faced four charges in March, after being arrested at a traffic stop in Hollywood. According to records, he was accosted for two misdemeanors and two traffic offenses-resisting arrest, reckless driving, failure to register his motor vehicle and possession of marijuana.

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During the incident, Mason was pulled over after going 75 mph in a 35 mph zone. He refused to present his license and name, and resisted requests to get out of his car. Police then used a Taser to remove him from his vehicle where they also found twelve grams of marijuana.

Mason played thirteen games with three starts last season where he totaled 207 yards on 75 carries and put in one touchdown for the Rams.

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