UFC 196: Bellator’s Schilling picks Diaz over McGregor

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Everybody who is a fan of MMA has been talking about Conor McGregor and his fight against Nate Diaz in UFC 196. Bellator’s Joe Schilling made his bold prediction on the upcoming super fight.

“I will be putting money on Nate. I think what Nate’s weaknesses are, Conor is not good at. I think it’s a great fight for Nate. His size is too much for Conor and I think that Conor’s knockout power has a lot to do with him fighting smaller people. I think knocking out a 145er is a lot different to knocking out a guy who walks around at 185lbs and who has never been knocked out before with punches.”

McGregor, is slated to fight a fighter on two weight classes above him and Diaz will have at least a 15 lbs advantage.

In this case, Schilling picks the size advantage would mean a loss for McGregor and expects that Diaz would use every inch of advantage on their fight.

“On the ground Nate submits him quickly and easily and standing, his speed and the way he punches, the volume as well, he will pick him apart. Power-wise, I think Nate hits harder than Conor has ever been hit. I will be placing a large amount of money on Nate. I think it’s a great payday for Nate and it will be for me as well.

“Nate Diaz trains for fun. He might put on weight between fights but he runs five or six miles regularly, for or five days a week, he does sports for fun, constantly in the gym, constantly training and sparring. Is he in full fight-camp shape? No, but he is far from going to gas out in the first round believe me.”

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