WWE Rumors: Kurt Angle to return to WWE; Wrestler under spotlight again for drug and rehab issues

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Kurt Angle drug problems, return to WWE
Kurt Angle drug problems, return to WWE

Ever since Kurt Angle left TNA, talks of a WWE return has been making the rounds in the internet. Though the former Olympian has been inconsistent with his updates, recent reports seem to point to the former.

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According to Forbes, “latest buzz is that Angle could return to the company (WWE) after all,” in a WWE news update last week.

“While Angle has talked about WWE having interest in the past, it never went anywhere. There may be more to it this time, however,” continued the Forbes update. “During a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer was asked if WWE might reach out to Angle for next year’s 2K game and possibly for a return to the ring if there was enough fan support. Meltzer paused before answering, ‘so the answer to that question is yes.’”

Since this report, more of the spotlight has again been focused on the wrestler, but this time for all the wrong reasons.

Kurt Angle took 65 Vicodin a day

In a recent interview on the Dan Le Batard show, Kurt Angle revealed a troubling past, specifically his battle against drug addiction, wherein he reportedly took as much as 65 extra-strong Vicodin a day just to function.

“I was on a lot,” Angle admitted on the radio show. “There was no way I couldn’t get out of it. The only thing I could do was eventually go to rehab and try to fix my life again. But I actually beat it on my own. I stayed in my house for about 10 days and didn’t leave, and I was able to get through the withdrawal.”

Angle’s addiction, which started in 1996, eventually led to a DUI case in 2006, followed by three more arrests over the next four years. By 2013, the wrestler had entered rehab for 30 days to try and get rid of his habit.

“I finally got the right help,” the wrestler shared. “I tried to do it myself, but when you’re that deep into that stuff, you can’t do it on your own. You need somebody else’s help.”

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Kurt Angle has remained sober since then, and has admitted to staying away from wrestling to also avoid the temptations that accompany the lifestyle. But with a rumored return to the WWE, will it also bring risks of a relapse for the former champ?

Hopefully, it will not take a double ankle lock to keep Angle clean.

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