Alberto Del Rio on WWE Return: ‘I’m not going back ever, ever, ever’

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Former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Alberto Del Rio has revealed his stance on a return to the wrestling promotion. The 39-year-old recently conducted a Q&A session on Periscope where he was extremely vocal about his former employers.

De Rio claimed that the WWE was interested in bringing him back. However, the man from San Luis Potosí, Mexico stressed that he is not burning any bridges by the comments he made in previous videos and he is enjoying his life outside the wrestling promotion.

“I’m not burning bridges. I don’t plan on going back there, it’s them already calling me to go back to that company, but I’m not going back ever, ever, ever,” Del Rio said.

“I’m too happy being out of that place. It was me quitting that place, not staying in that place and not wanting to stay, even after they did everything to try to keep me in that company, I said, ‘no, I don’t want to be there.’”

Del Rio’s heat with WWE unlikely to end

The Mexican professional wrestler’s earlier comments against the WWE were made in 2014. The 39-year-old discussed the likes on Vince McMahon and Triple H in a shoot interview where he expressed his rant.

However, in his latest Periscope session, De Rio had more things to say. The former WWE employee admitted that he was drunk and proceeded to insult an unnamed company official, believed to be Triple H.

“You remind me of one of the bosses in WWE, with the big f–kin’ nose, big f–kin’ pu–ies. Ya know, I’m close to the next town. Stamford. I could pay a visit to somebody,” Del Rio added.

“Stamford is only forty-five minutes away. That’s where all the pu–ies live, right? I could go there and just knock on someone’s door, ‘Hey, big nose with the small d–k’”

Reality of Del Rio making a WWE return

Del Rio debuted in the WWE in 2010 and had a successful first stint with the wrestling promotion. During his initial run, Del Rio won the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship twice. However, he departed the company in 2014 citing a backstage skirmish.

The professional wrestler then worked with AAA and Lucha Underground from 2014 to 2015. The 39-year-old re-signed with WWE and made his return at the 2015 Hell in a Cell pay-per-view against John Cena. He would remain with the company until September 2016, according to Sportskeeda.

Del Rio is reportedly enjoying his life outside WWE with his girlfriend Paige. Hence, a possible return to the wrestling promotion anytime soon for the Mexican looks extremely unlikely.

Photo courtesy: Ed Webster/Flickr

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