Bo Dallas yells at pilot and agents to ‘f_ck themselves’, rumors of arrest

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Bo Dallas, Photo courtesy: Frightwolf/Wikimedia commons
Bo Dallas rumored intoxicated, arrested in airport

American professional wrestler Bo Dallas (born Taylor Michael Rotunda) had not appeared at last night’s live WWE event at the Puebla, which sparks a bit of truth to the rumors that he may have been arrested at the airport.

Bo Dallas was scheduled to fly to Mexico along with other pro wrestlers Roman Reigns, Bayley and Rusev, but their flight was reportedly delayed.

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Dallas was scheduled to perform at the Puebla last night along with Curtis Axel to face The Usos, but was absent in the WWE event where the match was switched into a singles bout instead with Curtis Axel facing Jey Uso.

According to a report by the Wrestling Inc., The Late Shift podcast host Steven Bell tweeted about the incident, as he’s learned from talking with his wife on the phone, who was at the airport and saw the pro wrestlers.

They were allegedly at the airport restaurant waiting for hours for their flight, and they may have been drinking. While talking to his wife, Steven Bell heard Bo Dallas in the background singing Disney songs.

A report by the Pro Wrestling Sheet says that while the pro wrestlers proceeded to board the plane Bo Dallas, reeking of the smell of alcohol, was loud and unruly.

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He was rumored to be shouting in the plane, and “demonstrated very poor dexterity” and dropped his phone.

He slumped on his chair after being disruptive, which prompted officers to be called in who questioned Bo Dallas regarding his drinking, to which he responded, “I’m not really planning on driving tonight.”

The agents deemed his situation being dangerous to himself, and arrested the wrestler.

He was said to be ejected from the plane but still tried to get back on board. The report said he was yelling to airline staffs and the pilot to “f–k themselves.”

Bo Dallas walked unsteadily out and told security to “f–k themselves” too.

If true, this won’t be the first time he’s had run-ins with the law. In 2013, he was arrested for drunk driving in Florida. He was fined $500.

Photo courtesy: Frightwolf/Wikimedia commons

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