Braun Strowman injury throws WWE plans for Brock Lesnar disorganized

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Braun Strowman is expected to be out of action for around 4-8 weeks. The Mountain Among Men will be undergoing a surgery following his current elbow issues. This has caused World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) plans for Brock Lesnar at Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view (PPV) disorganized.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio noted that Roman Reigns vs. Strowman was the planned Extreme Rules main event while Strowman vs. WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar was scheduled for Great Balls of Fire.

However, those plans will now need to change. Strowman’s upcoming surgery is not said to be major. But, the issue WWE is dealing with is that they don’t know exactly how long he will be out of action until after the procedure is complete.

Strowman vs. Reigns at Extreme Rules delayed

Extreme Rules is scheduled for Sunday, June 4, 2017. It is within the four-week time range needed for Strowman to recover from his surgery. Hence, this rules out the big man from competing at Extreme Rules and will halt ongoing feud with Roman Reigns.

Strowman and Roman Reigns have been working the current WWE overseas tour, and have been brawling during the events. However, Strowman was written off WWE TV on Raw last night. Consequently, Strowman’s absence will force creative changes to the June 4th Extreme Rules PPV and the July 2nd Great Balls of Fire event.

This situation with Strowman is truly unfortunate as the Mountain Among Men was starting to pick up some major momentum following his victory over Reigns at Payback. Hopefully, he makes a quick recovery so he can resume decimating the roster and making himself a star.

Brock Lesnar next opponent

Should Strowman be unable to wrestle at Great Balls of Fire, his replacement will probably be one of the wrestlers currently floating at the top of the card. This includes Roman Reigns, Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, or Samoa Joe.

An ideal scenario would be Reigns taking on Lesnar at Great Balls of Fire, Strowman interfering and attacking both men, and a triple threat match for the Universal Championship being booked for SummerSlam. This would keep all three men in the loop and add to the unpredictability in wrestling that fans crave.

However, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter claimed that next year’s WrestleMania main event will be Reigns vs. Lesnar for the Universal Championship. If that report is true, then the company will probably hold off on Reigns and Lesnar competing against each other until next year.

Photo courtesy: Megan Elice Meadows/Flickr

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