Brock Lesnar UFC: Ex-champion quits MMA as drug controversy hounds

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Mark Hunt on Brock Lesnar
When Mark Hunt received the call that he was to fight in UFC 200, he immediately packed his bag and set up camp in the United States and that shows he is dead serious about his profession. The 42-year old Super Samoan will not take the former undisputed heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar, lightly and already he is taunting Lesnar saying he is a “pretender” and that he will send The Beast back to the WWE weeping.

Brock Lesnar is reportedly quitting his mixed martial arts (MMA) and UFC career. The former heavyweight champion has told UFC on Tuesday that he is officially retiring from MMA. There are rumors that he will now focus on his career in the WWE, where he is considered one of the organization’s top superstars.

Lesnar finished his MMA career with a record of 5 wins, 3 losses and 1 no contest. He is coming off a controversial win over Mark Hunt last year but he tested positive for a drug test and the result was overturned. Hunt is even suing Lesnar and the UFC for the said controversy.

Second MMA retirement for Brock Lesnar

This is Brock Lesnar’s second retirement in MMA. He quit in 2011 because of health issues but came back to win the heavyweight crown.

Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports looked back at the “good, bad and ugly” of Lesnar’s career in mixed martial arts in a recent article. The combat sports expert described Lesnar as someone who never had the chance to show his real worth in the Octagon.

“It seems like forever, but it wasn’t all that long ago that Lesnar was the biggest thing in MMA, the forerunner to modern-day superstars like Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey. And though he had a relatively short career, it was an impactful one in so many ways,” Iole wrote in a piece written on Tuesday when Brock Lesnar announced his retirement.

“But we never got to see a well-trained, knowledgeable Brock Lesnar at the peak of his powers. That would have been a guy who had the ability to train uninterrupted for a couple of years and who had the time to learn and grow.”

Brock Lesnar Career Highlights

Lesnar’s highlights in the UFC include wins over Randy Couture, Frank Mir and Shane Carwin. However, failing a drug test in his final fight in the UFC will put some dent in his MMA career.

Iole added that Brock Lesnar will be “remembered as one of the finest sheer athletes ever to compete in the UFC, and a guy with unmatched potential.” Before the controversial “win” over Mark Hunt, he lost his last two matches to Cain Velasquez and Alistair Overeem and then retired for the first time. In his second retirement, Brock Lesnar is expected to stay away for good.

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