Bundesliga bad boy Tim Wiese to make WWE debut in Munich

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Tim Wiese
Tim Wiese

It seems that Tim Tebow is not the only sports star to make a drastic shift in his career as former Bundesliga goalkeeper Tim Wiese prepares to make his debut in the WWE ring this Thursday.

The former German national team goalkeeper, whose career ended in 2014 when he was released by Hoffenheim, shared that he’s always had a passion for wrestling growing up.

“I was a big WWE fan when I was a boy,” he shared with AFP. “I kept track of it during my football career but never thought of myself as a wrestler.”

Wiese had won six caps with Germany in 2008 and 2012 and was also part of the national squad for the 2010 edition of the World Cup. He joined Hoffenheim in May 2012 but after being fined in 2013 for being thrown out of a party he was booted from the team.

Since the abrupt end of his football career, Wiese began bulking up by lifting weights and transformed himself into a behemoth increasingly becoming more like a bodybuilder than a former football player. According to the former keeper, his weight had jumped from 200 pounds when he was a football player, to 290, which was the peak of his mass. He eventually lowered it to his current weight, at 265.

By November 2014, Wiese was already doing small roles for the WWE, appearing as a guest timekeeper for an event in Frankfurt. Triple H saw his natural in-ring persona and was eventually invited to the WWE Performance Center in Florida, where his wrestling skills were honed.

And Tim Wiese looks poised and ready for his WWE debut.

“This is Champions League. WWE is the biggest thing in wrestling, so I’m fully focused and blending out everything else around me,” he said. “I don’t care. I will hurt them, they won’t hurt me. Anyone can have a go: I’m going to be unbeatable.”

Will he? See for yourself when Tim Wiese goes against the Shining Stars with Sheamus and Cesaro in Munich.

“My game plan against the Shining Stars will basically be to go full throttle, beat them down out of the ring,” Wiese predicted. “I’ll drop kick Bo Dallas and throw him off the stage.”

Photo Courtesy: Benjamin Radzun/ Flickr

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